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PUR Hot Melt

What is PUR Hot Melt Adhesive?

PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) hot melt adhesives are reactive moisture curing adhesives known for Strong Bonds and Exceptional Heat, Cold and Moisture-Resistance; this makes them an excellent choice for most difficult to bond, low energy substrates and they perform very well in extreme weather environments.

Our PUR Hot Melts can be Custom Formulated to have Very High Initial Tack and a Very Fast Set up time from a few seconds, or up to Several Minutes of Open Time before setting up. After PUR Hot Melt adhesive has been applied to a substrate it will start to cross-link and form a final bond. Depending on air humidity and substrate moisture conditions, PUR Hot Melt develops 50-80 % of its final bond strength in approximately  3 – 6 hours.  The full reactive cure time is normally 24 to 36 hours after application.

PUR hot melts cure to a thermo-set material, maintaining their structural integrity once cured. PUR Adhesive has excellent temperature and environmental resistance – withstanding exposure to temperatures from -40°F to +300°F. 

Our PUR Hot Melts are commonly used to bond Steel to Foamed polystyrene in large bonding areas.  PUR Hot Melt is considered to be the best and most cost-effective adhesive for these types of applications. PUR Hot Melt adhesives are applied molten like a conventional hot melt, but then cure by reaction with atmospheric moisture to form a cross-linked thermoset system. PUR Hot Melts are fast to dry and most parts have sufficient strength to be handled after a few minutes.

PUR Hot Melt adhesives can be formulated to have different open times and different rates of bond strength buildup. PUR Hot Melt adhesives are widely used for the bonding of large panels, such as in door manufacturing, garage door construction and the walls of recreational vehicles.  PUR Hot Melt is also commonly used for laminating foil to sheet metal for the production of cans and bottle caps.

Our PUR Hot Melts are available in Cartridges, Foil Slugs, Pails and Drums to meet a wide range of user applications. For bonding large areas; Spraying or Roll Coating are often the best application methods for PUR Hot Melts.

PUR Hot Melt forms very strong permanent bonds to most materials including:

  • Solid Woods
  • MDF/Particle Board
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Glass
  • Wooden Veneer
  • Clear Plastic Boxes
  • Plastics
  • PVC Foil


PUR Hot Melt does Not bond well to Untreated PolyEthylene (PE) or PolyPropylene (PP).
It is suggested that PE and PP are Corona treated, to improve the bond strength to these substrates.

Are you considering a PUR Hot Melt vs. Solvent based adhesives?

Polyurethane Hot Melt Adhesives (PUR) should be seriously considered when switching away from a Solvent-based adhesive system.  PUR Hot Melt adhesives have numerous advantages over solvent-based adhesives.

The primary advantages of using PUR Hot Melt include:

  1. The reduced cost of the adhesives, on a /lb. basis.
  2. The removal of HAPs and VOCs; PUR is 100% solids.
  3. The very fast set up time with PUR.
  4. The elimination of a plant explosion risk; lower insurance costs.
  5. No more need for air pollution control devices.
  6. The removal of dryers in the production line.

Some considerations on PUR Hot Melt vs. Solvent-based adhesive:

  1. The initial expense of new equipment to apply the PUR Hot Melt.
  2. The higher temperatures required for application, up to 300F.
  3. The shorter shelf life of the PUR Hot Melt.
  4. The special handling and fast clean up requirements with PUR.
  5. PUR is more prone to crosslinking and has lower resistance to solvents.

Our PUR hot melts are commonly used in the following Applications:

  • Profile Wrapping
  • Bookbinding
  • Difficult to Bond-PET,PE,BOPP,UV
  • Foam & Mattress Fabricating
  • Furniture & Cabinet Assembly
  • R. V. and Panels
  • Woodworking and Picture Frames
  • General Product Assembly

Below are some of our most common PUR Hot Melts; for more information, please contact us.

Product #DescriptionMSDS/TDS
CA-HM-N1101PUR hot melt, Fast Initial Tack, Fast Setting, Strong Bonds to Most Substrates, Application Temperature 250F, 12,000cps at 250F.Request >>
CA-HM-N1105PUR hot melt, Very Fast Initial Tack, Fast Setting, Strong Bonds to Most Substrates, Application Temperature 250F, 11,400cps at 250F.Request >>
CA-RP-02-133PUR one-component Cold Liquid moisture-cured polyurethane adhesive; our version of “Gorilla Glue”. A general purpose adhesive for gluing materials such as carpet, wood, foam, metal and most plastics to each other. It is not recommended for vinyl (PVC), polypropylene, polyethylene and polyolefins. Provides a permanent, rigid final bond. Application Temperature 74F, 7,000cps at 74F.Request >>
CA-Purge-1000PUR hot melt -Cleaning Compound. Designed for purging polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesives from hot melt application equipment to prevent the cured hot melt from clogging machines and tips. Reduces downtime and increases productivity. Green color, Application Temperature 250F -350F, 7,000cps at 350F.Request >>
CA-DR 11-067-1PUR hot melt, Fast Initial Tack, Long Open Time 5 Min+, Strong Bonds to Most Substrates, Application Temperature 250F, 9,000cps at 250F.Request >>


We also have a line of Liquid PUR  – One-component Cold Liquid moisture-cured polyurethane adhesives –  Our version of  Industrial Strength “Gorilla Glue”.

Our Liquid PUR adhesives form permanent bonds by a chemical reaction with moisture from the substrate or environment.  These Cold”  Liquid PUR adhesives are liquid at room temperature so bonded parts must be pressed together and held during the curing process.

Liquid PUR adhesives form structural bonds to most difficult to bond substrates, and are especially good for gluing materials such as carpet, wood, foam, metal and most plastics to each other. It is not recommended for vinyl (PVC), polypropylene, polyethylene and polyolefins. Liquid PUR produces extremely durable, highly elastic bonds that perform well in both high and low temperature extremes.


To speak with a technical representative about your application, and to request samples, please call us at 1-800-249-0337 or email us at

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